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The Best Way to Celebrate 420!

The Best Way to Celebrate 420

420 is unlike any holiday on the calendar. Instead of getting a day off from work, should it fall under a weekday, one would have to file for a leave of absence and probably get dubious looks from co-workers who seem to have little understanding about this glorious date.

I’ve spent 420’s on a work week, with a declined request for leave. It’s not the worst, not everybody gets it. If you’re ever stuck on a 420 that you think totally sucks, I’ve listed a few simple tips — tried and tested by yours truly — to make your 420 celebration rock.

Intro to 420

Well, there are a lot of rumors circulating both the deep and the shallow part of the web about how and where did exactly the term “420” come from. Some of the most famous myths say that it originated as a police radio code that California cops use when communicating marijuana-related felony and that it means “marijuana smoking in progress.” Some say that it’s a reference to Hitler’s birthday, April 20, 1889 (because 420 is celebrated coincidentally on the 20th of April). Some go as far as believing that 420 is indicative of Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,” most probably because of the recurring chorus lyrics “everybody must get stoned” and that the numbers 12 multiplied by 35 makes a product of 420. Some of our fellow stoners even believe that 420 represents the actual date and time of the death of iconic figures Bob Marley and/or Jimi Hendrix. Others believe that 420 refers to the number of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, well let’s say that it’s close enough since the marijuana plant has “over 400 chemical entities of which more than 60 of them are cannabinoid compounds.”

With all that’s been said about 420, the most plausible and tangible explanation where the term 420 came from traces back to Marin County in California in the year 1971. 420 wasn’t even a date, a group of friends from San Rafael High School would meet at exactly 4:20 pm (the time of the day when their extracurricular activities were finished) near a statue of Louis Pasteur to search for what it seems is an unattended patch of local grass. Well, it’s said that they never found what they were searching for but they challenged each other with ever interesting adventures which they later called “safaris” and they toked up during their shenanigans. The time and the place later became a code to remind themselves when and when they are to meet. “420-Louis” jogged their memories which eventually was shortened to 420 which they used as their reference for any marijuana-related activities.

That’s some 420 history right there folks. Now that we’ve learned how the term 420 came to be, let’s look at some of the best ways to commemorate the stoner’s Christmas.

  1. Wake and Bake

420 is the perfect time to get on your creative side and making yourself some edibles are probably one of the best ways to get creative. Edibles are probably one of the best ways to discreetly consume cannabis, the most common form I’ve seen so far are space cakes. Other common edibles include cookies and brownies. You can use a variety of ingredients to infuse cannabis into your food from tinctures, oils, and butter. Some even sprinkle a dash of kief to their food which to stoners is like the cherry on top of a cake. Cooking up edibles at home could be a little tricky so be sure to measure up your dose of THC.

Edibles aren’t just limited to solid matter, you can also enjoy cannabis-infused drinks like coffee or tea. It’s best to make edibles ahead of time since processing cannabis-infused ingredients may take several hours, but if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can always order your favorite edibles online.

  1. Video Games

There’s something special about video games and weed. Whether you’re munching on edibles, chugging on your favorite cannabis-infused drink, lighting up a bowl of weed, or even when you’re vaping on your favorite strain, playing video games is one of the best things to pair with cannabis. I love playing single player RPG’s like Metal Gear and Castlevania and even FPS games like COD (Call of Duty) and MoH (Medal of Honor).

There’s a science behind video games and weed, studies show that there are several cannabis strains that help gamers focus and get completely immersed in it. Some cannabis strains can be attributed to performance enhancement and can contribute to a person’s creativity so be sure to know your strains and pair them up with your favorite video game on 420.

  1. Movies

A bag of weed and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy make a perfect 420 activity. I always feel like a dope wizard smoking “Old Toby” while I watch the LOTR trilogy. Smoking on a wooden pipe never felt better while I find myself engrossed with the dealings of hobbits, dwarves, elves, goblins, and orcs. If you’re not a fan of the genre you might want to try watching titles like “The Big Lebowski,” “Half Baked,” “Pineapple Express, “ and my personal favorite “Up in Smoke.”

  1. Go to Concerts

If you’ve had enough of smoking or vaping at home by yourself you might want to consider taking it out. Apart from some solo time smoking weed, baking edibles, playing games, and watching gob-loads of movies the next best thing is to do is to listen to some live music. Whether you’re into rock concerts or maybe some live band with an acoustic feel, soothing music has a certain connection with weed. Some theorists believe that cannabis consumption has a certain effect on a person’s sense of timing. Cannabis also slows down an individual’s internal clocks, the small alteration in internal time facilitates changes in our auditory perception and as our auditory perception changes so do our focus. An increase in focus and auditory perception allows a person to “distinguish individual sounds a bit more intensively.” So the next time you put on a headset, remember that the weed in your system helps you perceive the music you’re listening to better. Get ready to put on some jazz and reggae music and enjoy 420 like never before.

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