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Why would I want to join the Cannabis Assembly?

If you believe, as we do, that the Cannabis plant is a Sacred Herb and you can confirm that you use the Herb religiously, either as part of your meditation or prayer or to achieve a relaxed mental balance to carry out any aspect of your chosen religion, then you are a Cantheist and your use of Cannabis is protected under international law.

Do I have to give my personal details?

No. You will be a full member simply by downloading the Sanctuary Sign and CA Statement, and displaying them in your home, the CA Tags which you must have attached to your plants, and the CA Membership Card to carry with you. Simply downloading and displaying the Sanctuary Sign proves your membership under EU law.

And it’s free? What’s the catch?

The Cannabis Assembly does not and will not request cash donations for any reason. We feel everyone has the right to know, understand, and use international laws that have been put in place to protect them. We feel strongly enough about this that we give our time and knowledge of international law freely. Some very kind people have given us hosting for this site, in the past, and assisted in the design of our emblem and web pages. We ask for nothing from you other than you tell people about us, if you have a web site put a link in for us, and speak kindly of us to your god. That’s payment enough and there’s no catch.

'faith and patience'

© Cannabis Assembly, 2009


Membership of the Cannabis Assembly is FREE.
All standard documents are available to download in PDF format.
Once printed and framed you'll wonder why people pay for the same thing.